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Notapor Sadic » Jue Dic 13, 2007 9:25 pm

Aprovechando una relacion que encontre entre los caracteres estendidos de abcdef~
Cree esta funcion que papel desenpeña si le pasas una A mayuscula la pasa a minuscula
Si le pasas una a minuscula la pasa a mayuscula

Código: Seleccionar todo
Importar "pauscal.prp"
Proc MinMay(Caracter:Cadena):Cadena
Si Ascii(Caracter)<97
Devolver Carac(Ascii(Caracter)+32)
Devolver Carac(Ascii(Caracter)-32)

Esa es una esta trabaja con cadenas completas
Importar "pauscal.prp"

Proc MinMay(Caracter:Cadena):Cadena
Var i:Entero
Var Result:Cadena
Contar i=1 a CadLong(Caracter)
Si Ascii(ParteCad(Caracter,i,1))<>32
Si Ascii(ParteCad(Caracter,i,1))<97
Devolver Result
Mensaje(MinMay("Hola mundo"));

Super Obtimizada
Importar "pauscal.prp"

Proc MinMay(Caracter:Cadena):Cadena
Var i:Entero
Var Result:Cadena
Contar i=1 a CadLong(Caracter)
Si (Ascii(ParteCad(Caracter,i,1))<97) y (Ascii(ParteCad(Caracter,i,1))>65)
Si (Ascii(ParteCad(Caracter,i,1))>=97) y (Ascii(ParteCad(Caracter,i,1))<129)
Devolver Result

Mensaje(MinMay("Hola mundo o+1"));
Segados por la voz de la inesperiencia nos arrastramos
Sin penzar a lomos del desierto asia las cavernas la huellas del peregrino me giaran.
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Re: MinMay

Notapor Joe » Jue Dic 13, 2007 11:04 pm

Cuando tenga mas tiempo la testeo bien para buscar algun error asi la optimizas mas ;)
Genial idea, esta tendria que ir en la biblioteca "cadenas.bdp"
La Hora 10 esta cerca. Haz el bien, haz lo que mas te gusta, por que a partir de alli todo cambiará
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For now, stick almost entirely with stocks (for example, buy 80% SPY etf, and 20% BNDS etf).. Needs pity. Upon leaving a local coffee shop, the indie film icon was caught on tape repeatedly asking a paparazzo "What's going on here?" before shoving his recording equipment away from his face..

It possible that both the child and mother may suffer in this case (even if you suppose that the child is put up for adoption). You know, I mean, thank you, mandisa. They have their own colors and secret warm up routines. It's this side of the country that 31 year old Damascus resident Rania Kataf wants to show to the world..

Instead, look for the fan made trailer. I could see either as plausible 2 points submitted 6 days agoDoncic didn't even guard James basically at all in that game, just some BS narrative u doncic haters tried to make. I understand they pulled the feature last moment, but does it have residual effects? My gf had an error notice in her messages app about messages in the cloud not working and a link to repair it, which did nothing when pressed.

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I don know if you astroturfing, or you just someone incapable of understanding how fast this is moving and why government regulation of an art form is universally considered a bad idea, but you really need to understand how fucked up what EA and their counterparts have done by fucking with loot boxes.

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Another Mewar King Rana Udaisingh and his son Maharana Pratap also were influenced by Jainism. He's been elected six times, and is accused of appeasing the rabbis in order to get their support and keep his position.. Chrysler presided over the first Dodge Eight in 1930, which would continue through three different displacements for the next three years.

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This cartel was believed to have made its first appearance in 2011 with a public display of 35 corpses of alleged Los Zetas members. Internet TV takes getting used to, and there is a loss of picture quality, he said. The areas I expect humans to remain employed is micromanufacturing and design of small chips and 3D printing which requires very few employees..

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This is not true, there are most certainly additives in the water, some of which are not even disclosed to the public."The fluids vary based on a range of factors, including geology, depth of well and time of year. Anyway, the problems started with that.

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I always thought the clothing standards were kind of dumb. It great at marginalizing actual interests that present an actual threat to the established order.. Back when GTAV was coming out, I went to get Sleeping Dogs because I hadn played it yet. What is the goal here? In my mind the definition you have presented is too overly broad.

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Children from strict religious families may be married off because their families see it as the only way to prevent sex and pregnancy out of wedlock. CSGL will be legal unless there is some official legal decision that Esports are in fact sports. Enjoy and Good Luck!!.

FitzPatrick, Mario Bemer, Myrqvist, Norman Vilalta, Paolo Scafora, The Sabot (Andrs Sendra, Antonio Meccariello, Joe Works, Yohei Fukuda) and TLB/Skolyx. In part they're told a very different story. Restructuring has aimed at aligning investment incentives, but risks remain for new projects..

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The win made her the first black woman swimmer to claim the world title. Personally, I would only take someone who really wants to get into the game, or is already playing it because the last thing you want to happen is to start playing more than you expected and your friend wants to leave.
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I won't tell you the whole process of throwing it, because it won't work the same for you, but the basics are:1. That 40% number is not going to comfort Caitlin or his children anytime soon. When you just starting out and wanting to get into tech a later stage company makes more sense.

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This sleep condition causes you to unknowingly grind your teeth continuously, even while you are asleep. So although other variables may not be significant, they themselves could be helping another variable to be significant.. Then of course a red card negates any comeback whatsoever and madrid get a third.

I counter this with The Trial, which has much beefier range of more dynamic and intricately thought out material of Kafka than that of the former, not to mention one of the most profound parables written in human history.. Not easy, but ideal.I definitely wasn't talking about rice fortified with vitamin A, which is thankfully saving lives.

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What's more, coaches, volunteers, hired workers and vendors with repeated access to players undergo annual background checks.. And companies that make above par EMR/EHR software like Epic charge private practices %'s of their income.. Many ships, then, were stranded as if on dry land, and people wandered at will about the paltry remains of the waters to collect fish and the like in their hands; then the roaring sea as if insulted by its repulse rises back in turn, and through the teeming shoals dashed itself violently on islands and extensive tracts of the mainland, and flattened innumerable buildings in towns or wherever they were found.

The Luniz Operation Stackola is the group most accomplished and best selling LP. Essentially. I think they could make it work with the right surroundings, music and lighting. For instance, the machines can be adjusted to provide the exact depth of energy penetration and thermal response required, depending on whether the tissue requires heating or not.

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You can hate them for that, but it won help the situation.. The planning and testing of technical requirements is where you can separate yourself from the general population of game testers. Heck they won even pay a mere 1 btc to get listed on Crypto Bridge!! As a privacy coin, they should be focusing on decentralized exchanges, but they continue to ignore the most obvious and well established one.

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99% of esports sponsorships companies out there want to reach specific markets. But, because I was making a purse, I made a strap. It doesn cover all the issues though, so you may need to support other groups as well. Wilson said she stands behind her statements because she thinks Romney's campaign illegally obtained personal information that could be used to spam voters who thought they were just signing to get him on the ballot.

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The "customer must remain active" was definitely in my agreement and how it was sold in the promotional ad and in store. If you super serious you could get in touch w/ the group that builds/maintains trails at Pine Hill. WTF does a president have to do with culture outside of work culture surrounding the presidency? Why do we need a cultural idol when culture evolves so quickly that a 2 term president will see culture evolve rapidly during their tenure? Just think of how different the 90s or even early 2000s were to today and ask yourself how much power a single person, even if highly visible, had on this change..

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If we use 2016 election numbers to compare Pakootas to Brown, she got him beat by 8 points with six months to go until voting day.. Used to be, walking her was nice. Monique tied the score on this breakaway sending the game into overtime but Canada who has helped the gold medal in women's ice hockey for the past twenty years.
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Those in charge of her questioning denied each item alleged in her claim. My heart bleeds for the America that used to bring tears to my eyes when I heard the words of JFK, or King on July 4th. Prosecutors have also seized documents from Jindo Vessel Traffic Services Center and Jeju Vessel Traffic Services Center, Yang said, and are analyzing communication messages, vessel tracking data and security camera recordings and others.

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After two years of trying unsuccessfully to get someone else to pay for their errors, the largest small business lender in the United States (CIT Group) eventually declared bankruptcy. If you not going to keep your pets indoors then declaw the little monster.

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They are also wonderful at drawing out toxins in the body, as is massage, so you may get a sort of detoxifying effect which is very beneficial to the body. They have a dump station yeah! A lot of activities and amenities are available for your enjoyment..

The odd eco warrior like Wiebo Ludwig (who probably wasn actually left as it was more of a personal vendetta). Dancer in the Dark is also one movie that should lose its high status within Von Triers filmography, possibly the most vitriolic movie ever.

Right near the top we pass but this guy walking up the road. But anyone who thinks you only climbing that well because you tall is full of shit. Although, it would still seem worth it to just meet him in person. I slept in his room and he slept on the floor in the livingroom.

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We did a reorg and had multiple shops move around base. As the 1978 law contends, the best interests of the TRIBE must be considered. Aber mehr als zwei Mal verheiratet sein?! Und regelmig hier und dort Kinder zeugen, und sich mal mehr, mal weniger, mal gar nicht um die kmmern?.

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The reason the patient doesn want it as cheap as possible is because too cheap cuts into how good it is. But with DOHC because the intake and exhaust cams are separate, you can alter them both independent of one another, allowing you to dynamically change LSA, which improves efficiency across the entire range..

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Be warned that there are many enemies to fight against, even though this isn't for fighting, like the fighters guild. Nice problem to have. However, he makes some really poor decisions. Alternatively if you in mid game and your lanes are still behind, you can split push very well..

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A bolder belt (like a pencil thin red skinny belt) could also work as a solo accessory, for example paired with a classic navy shift dress, no jewelry, and nude (to your skin tone) shoes.. Adam22 has said things and acted in ways that make him seem very predatory.

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The five senses are the senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. See, my guess is Martin is waiting for the TV series to end so he can subvert it in his novels. It suggest that you are leaving the past behind and moving to new beginnings. If you bought it relatively recently I would leave a scathing Yelp review add a pic and let other Yelp readers see how "antique" it is..

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You and your wife need to pay off her debt also as quick as possible. You will see that suddenly she becomes beyond irritable every time the kids say something positive about you. Cross River GorillaThe Cross River Gorilla is the world's most endangered primate.

cheap jerseys wholesale He was so much in love with his ideal beloved that he started out composing sonnets in her compliments. Now, you can understand why Mississippi is labeled number 50 in most subjects.. She went on to win medals at inter state meets, silver at the 1982 New Delhi Asian Games, Gold at the Asian Championships in Kuwait City in 1983, four golds at the 1986 Asian games in Seoul cheap mlb jerseys.
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Hanuman took revenge by setting fire to the entire city of Sri Lanka. I like to cook. I'm only here. Gamma is also awkward to use without either Saryuja or a level 8 Synchro in your ED. I can go to bed at night and rest easier knowing that he's in jail and he'll never walk free again.

cheap jerseys wholesale Really? I don doubt your claim, but are there any special circumstances to it? I been fighting boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai for decades now and have punched/kicked more guys and gals in the head than I can ever hope to remember I been tagged just as much also. cheap jerseys wholesale

Just about any meat will work: ground beef, beef cut up for beef stew, chicken, turkey, fresh or frozen fish, shrimp, or pork. The issue is similar to the mammogram debate ten years ago. The people who didn't like it, didn't like it because it was tasteless rather than because of the use of blackface..

I really love the Rae Morris Pro Powder brush, although it is quite pricey. But he went head to head in beating Rickie Fowler in Mexico and won a six hole playoff on Oahu. I just feel like a hypochondriac. A few years ago, I wrote a golf related Android app with MIT App Inventor.

So she started drinking to deal with the pain. And on the weekends you play a lot more. For the past 5 seasons, regionals have only provided the risk of a lackluster and poorly seeded world championship in exchange for the momentary fun of a tournament and granting a team the "regional champions" title that no one actually cares about..

cheap football jerseys Loved my 2008 528i. Everyone needs to be more courteous as far as I am concerned. We have far too little information to make a qualified decision. As I have always said, the laws are there to protect the criminals, not the innocent.. Not because I indifferent, but because when I take a step back, I see far bigger problems which we not really talking about. cheap football jerseys

cheap nfl jerseys And knowing LU, there's probably more twist and turns in the works. They locked her up. National GrowthAccording to Biology, growth is the irreversible increase in the body size and weight of organisms. The fuel filter collects debris that would otherwise pass through into the carburetor. cheap nfl jerseys

cheap jerseys Neptune has a moon called Triton that is too small to see UNTIL it passes in front of the small white circle, which is a star very far away. Yes that entire thing is constructed from little 1 centimeter square pieces of mosaic. Every claim that veganism is good for the environment is false science. cheap jerseys

cheap nhl jerseys Ultimately this created the situation where many of the member nations were more powerful than the League itself.. They let me withdraw what I had in my accounts in USD and crypto. I mean, credit where credit is due, she brilliant, but by no means the most followed (at least previously, time will tell, now). cheapjerseys

cheapjerseys Honorable Mention: Man From Snowy River (1982)When choosing the honorable mention this time around, I knew I had to go with this popular family film which falls under the rare genre of the Australian Western. Maybe at best to shift where the peak point is to a lower RPM for better acceleration to peak RPM but I would imagine a KERS would help by using electrical acceleration assistance off the line and then when the engine is at proper RPM it becomes the main power plant.with the 90s tech, maybe the CVT can respond fast enough, maybe the engine tech at the time won be able to be adjusted properly, or maybe it will all workbut as you said, it got nailed before it even went into any kind of race at the proto stage. cheap jerseys wholesale

The studios would only allow that if The Hobbit was turned into a trilogy.. A lot of people are mentioning businesses, but that usually for low level, small time crime. You also want to get your axes to duo and ultimate as your awakened AP uses something like 70 percent of your awakened weapons AP and 30 percent of your axes AP.

wholesale china jerseys That is the trouble with us. DUI and manslaughter charges don help life.. Raudman, who finished fifth at Bakersfield and has two wins on the Southwest Series this season, set the Mesa Marin track record in qualifying.Greg Pursley of Canyon Country was second at Mesa Marin wholesale jerseys.
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Him up front can work at Bayern because the other players know how to pressure the opponents to create a moment of unawareness from the defenders, at a national team level the chemistry just can be on that level.. She can play her music wherever she is in the house by taking the amazon echo with her.

He puts on a solid show. Besides the one guy, all the Dolphins fans I talked to were really nice.. Technically, the boroughs could claim a New York, NY postal address as they are a part of New York, NY; but using the borough name (or in the case of Manhattan with it being co extensive with New York County, the county name) helps to eliminate confusion..

cheap jerseys But unless you are an avid out and about shooter I feel this would be less useful to you, but that is a strangers opinion. Eventually many of the stuffed animals will die. It is well acknowledged that you can now find in Miami what you cannot in Havana be that car parts, revolutionary school uniforms or even master watch repairmen. cheap jerseys

cheap jerseys china This was further backed up by a survey we ran on the website, asking what people wanted to see next. I tried figuring out paredit and translating it into corresponding objects/motions, but gave up quickly after not even figuring out how to do basic sexp movement (apparently it has its own motions, but builds upon existing motions in vanilla Emacs and the documentation takes it for granted that you know them). cheap jerseys china

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Jimmy Kimmel jumped in. One thing I don understand though is this 4 hour thing you guys do? We have the exact same schedule, but we don break up the weekend. "I don't think she caught breaks as much as she fought her way in the door.. I still have their Internet service, but that just going to be until my area of town gets wired for a second cable/broadband company that is coming to town (about half the town is wired and has their service available already).

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Criminal charges against corrupt officers will be pursued. 2,540 points submitted 2 days agoElissa Ennis, the former girlfriend, released a statement through her attorney, Stephanie Rickard, in which she said she can prove Foster was not responsible for her injuries."(Foster) did not strike her, injure her or threaten her," Rickard said in the statement.Ennis' injuries were the result of a physical fight with another woman, and that Foster tried to end his relationship with Ennis after he learned of the fight, Rickard said.There is a video of that fight with another woman, according to Rickard."She was extremely upset and told him if he broke up with her she would 'trash his career,' " Rickard said.

cheap jerseys MoviePass basic business model is to get to 6 7m subs (pref 10m), cut a deal with theater chains to get cheaper tickets and a cut of concessions, and cut a deal with studios to get marketing money for movies. Not just churches, even the basic design of most of Mexico's towns, is influenced by the design of many of the older cities in Spain cheap nfl jerseys.
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