Liberty Gun Safe Reviews

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Liberty Gun Safe Reviews

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Liberty Gun Safes is the best selling gun safes brand in America that is used and respected by almost 1 million customers. Customers who have used one of these safes report that they felt tension free when it came to security of their firearms and other valuable belongings from unfortunate fire and burglary activities. All Liberty Gun Safes come with lifetime warranty and offer extraordinary security to your valuables either at your home, or at your office. All these gun safes are handcrafted and specifically designed in such a way that no burglars can open the safe with hand tools. The heavy weight steel construction of the safe also makes it practically impossible for the burglars to carry it away from your home.

Liberty Safe Presidential 25 Gun Safes

Presidential series of the Liberty Gun Safes is the best of all. The fire-resistant steel construction of this gun safe offer great protection from fire for up to 2.5 hours when exposed to temperature as high as 12000F. The heavy steel door is equipped with high-class security features, like drill resistant ball-bearing hard plate slip clutch gear drive mechanism and 7” gauge steel thickness. In addition to the great security features, this safe also has a great look. Quality gun safe review Best Biometric Gun Safe – What You Need To Know. This gun safe with 5-point ships wheel handle, stylish chamfered edge textures and soft interior furnishing with lights will decorate the part of your home where you place it.

Protection from fire

Liberty Safe Presidential 25 Gun Safe is 2.5-hour fire rated when exposed to a high temperature of 1200-14000F. It has 131,000 BTU’s and has comparatively more fireboard than any of its competitors. It offers 5/8” of fire protection layers that incorporates 4 layers in the walls, ceiling and doorjambs accompanied by ½” layers and 5/8” layers in the door. The heat expandable door expands and seals the safe as soon as it gets exposed to high temperatures.


Liberty Safe Presidential 25 Gun Safe, listed under the UL Residential Security Container classification, ensures complete protection against any theft or breakage attempts. 1.5” thick composite door are lined up with various layers of fireboard to keep contents safe from high heat. The ball bearing is made up of hard plate solid steel that greatly resists drill attacks. There are up to 26, 1.5” diameter locking bolts that acts like a defensive barrier and discourages burglar activities. This safe is equipped with gear-drive bolt locking mechanism, which is also UL listed.

stylish design

Liberty Gun Safes has yet not compromised even a bit in adding stylish finish to this gun safe. In addition to the 5-point ships wheel handle, which is plated by black chrome or 24K gold, the interior of the safe is covered by rich pin-dot velour. Moreover, the interior of the safe also comes with lights that automatically switch on or off when the door is opened or closed. Thus, this safe is one of the best safes that you can use to store your guns and valuables. Quality gun safe review
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