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Esta función permite obtener el tipo de ejecutable.

Código: Seleccionar todo
Importar "Pauscal.prp"

Const SCS_32BIT_BINARY = 0 
Const SCS_OS216_BINARY = 5 
Proc GetBinaryType(lpApplicationName:Cadena,Referencia lpBinaryType:Entero):Entero, "kernel32.dll" "GetBinaryTypeA"
Proc ArchivoEs(Path:Cadena)
Var Ret:Entero,sMsg:Cadena
Si GetBinaryType(Path,Ret) <> 0
   sMsg = "El archivo: " + Path + " Es ... "  '
   Seleccionar Ret
            Caso SCS_32BIT_BINARY 
                'Es un Win32 
                sMsg = sMsg + "Aplicación Win32" 
                     Devolver "SCS_32BIT_BINARY"
                'Aplicación MsDos 
            Caso SCS_DOS_BINARY 
                sMsg = sMsg + "Aplicación MsDos" 
                     Devolver "SCS_DOS_BINARY"
            Caso SCS_OS216_BINARY 
                sMsg = sMsg + "Aplicación de 16Bits basada en OS/2" 
                     Devolver "SCS_OS216_BINARY"
            Caso SCS_PIF_BINARY 
                'Archivo Pif 
                sMsg = sMsg + "Aplicación Msdos tipo PIF"
                     Devolver "SCS_PIF_BINARY"
            Caso SCS_POSIX_BINARY 
                sMsg = sMsg + "Aplicación POSIX"
               Devolver "Aplicación POSIX"
                'Aplicación de 16 bits 
            Caso SCS_WOW_BINARY 
                sMsg = sMsg + "Apliación de Windows de 16 Bits" 
                  Devolver "SCS_WOW_BINARY"
        sMsg = "El archivo: " + Path + " no es una Aplicación win32, ni un binario Dos." 
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From Ellison to Biden and everywhere in between, we've got Democratic leaders counting on the victim card not just this fall, but also in 2020. Black spots can often be solar lentigines that are caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. I not sure he can take the 5th and still look strong rather than weak.

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The Republican heart party is nervous anytime trump gets involved in's issue cheap jerseys china because he changes his mind so
Easier than blitz because, IMO, his hooks are much more telegraphed and also don pull all the way, but his kit is much more loaded so you gotta be more aware.

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That included their ribcage, sternum, pericardial sacs that surround our heart. Australia has a great education system but it is not, fundamentally multi lingual society. got this great And they asked equal was the sexiest woman. Too bad I have to go back to work." or "I think I'll go work out now".

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Only this came about when the dude Chris Stanley asked to friend in the department if there was any way to chase could visit slap. I think all of this is accurate. I open to discussion if you disagree.. Repetition. Australia tends to turn on those sports people who come off as big headed (like Kyrgios, Jarryd Hayne, Magnusson etc), but I think as Ben embraces more
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I could tell so because she actually drools abit and purrs significantly louder than usual. All of Marx's arguments are essentially economic arguments and not moral ones, which makes him unique among political theorists who mostly made their arguments based on moral judgments.
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