Why did we go beyond Dofus Kamas

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Why did we go beyond Dofus Kamas

Notapor Rskingdom » Mar Feb 25, 2020 2:54 am

Why did we go beyond Dofus Kamas what we originally intended out to do? Thanks to you! The several comments and feedback, your investment and commitment to this matter, and your passion have given us the responsibility to offer you more than what we'd planned. It comes at a price: at work and, of course, in time.To complete this project with no time limitations, we think it is wise to set up the courses that will be prepared (whose changes are available on the Beta server, and also that we'll elaborate on in accordance with your opinions ) as early as the next update. We would then continue to correct the classes to have.

There would be no point in postponing this update, including an improvement to the Vulbis quests and the game client: All these topics and the class balancing are uncorrelated and can evolve independently from one another. We, consequently, release ourselves from the time constraints (we MUST complete everything before the upgrade ) to offer you longer, a little afterwards. The only consequence could be the possible postponement of the next Kolossium year, but that is a small cost to pay.Additionally, we do not refrain from continuing to make minor alterations during future upgrades to further boost your gambling experience. Our job is not finished. The door won't shut. On the opposite: we are taking our time.

Is there some place that we can locate? I have been off and on with Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale , and I want to choose one of my 200's to focus on, however I feel like I can't choose anything because it might change. Also, can't find anywhere in English what changed within them and on what classes have shifted. Are the changes are they all staying about the PTS, or live until all of the classes have been balanced? Take a look at the changes made on the servers that are live in the patch notes. The most recent one remains in translation, but will probably be accessible whenever possible. The plan was, the big changes are done and live by now, and smaller changes may be applied, based upon.
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