gentle step cuts for all hair lengths

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gentle step cuts for all hair lengths

Notapor bebelisa12 » Jue Feb 06, 2020 11:20 pm

When spring comes, the desire for an optical change often awakens. How could this be easier than with a new hair styling? In terms of cut, there is a clear recommendation from the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team for summer 2014: real hair wigs Hair off! The trend is towards short, layered hair that is cut very precisely and technically, but looks very soft and feminine in terms of look and effect.

Don't worry: this layered cut also works with long hair. The absolute trend color 2014 blond also ensures a good mood look: With the innovative color technique "Fresh Blond" a blond is created that consists of at least three different shades and therefore creates a very harmonious overall picture. This way women can live out their spring feelings.

The clear trend of the season: gentle step cuts for all hair lengths
What is special about this new collection is that the haircuts, whether short or long, work according to the same technique: the gradation technique. The shortest hair is on the top of this look, more precisely at the height of the vertebra.

"All hair is pulled to this point - so the longest hair stays in the front of the forehead," explains artistic director and managing director Hannes Steinmetz. At the back of the head, however, the hairstyle remains very flexible. "That makes for a totally casual case." And for the forehead, you can choose as you like whether you would prefer to wear the fringes symmetrically or asymmetrically.
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